The High Cost of Prescriptions Deter Heart Disease Prevention

Deanne Stein Health Guide
  • In one of my last blogs, I discussed how so people, like my dad, have decided to go off their medications. It’s an attempt, in most cases, to find a “natural” way to cure their diseases, without the side effects from prescribed medicines.

    Other people, I found, simply can’t afford their medications and that’s why they stop or cut back. Either way, not taking your prescription drugs can lead you down a very dangerous and sometimes deadly path, according to some doctors.

    One of my co-workers recently did a story for our newscast about a West Virginia woman who stopped taking her medications as directed, just to save money. She actually spread out her four prescriptions to make them last longer. In doing this, she suffered a massive stroke. Her condition left her blind, with cognitive trouble, and difficulty carrying on a conversation. Her son and husband are now forced to care for her around the clock. Now, she is required to take eight prescription drugs each day.
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    This happened to her back in 2005, and now she wants to warn others about not taken their medicines. Her name is Terry Frazier and she told us, "Please, people if you have your medicines take them every day regardless, it's very important.”

    I thought what happened to Terry was very sad and brings up a highly talked about issue … the high cost of prescription drugs.

    In fact, I was reading about two reports just out that show the wholesale cost of brand-name prescription drugs has risen almost four percent since January. One of the reports, by AARP, says the prices rose 3.9 percent from January to March, triple the rate of inflation.

    Doctors say if you're having trouble paying for your medications you should talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or even the drug manufacturer about financial help that might be available. Some states even have programs you can join.
Published On: July 12, 2006