Write Down How it Feels to Overeat

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  • I genuinely enjoyed my chicken quesadilla for lunch today. I liked the meat and cheese combination, the fiery hot sauce over top, and the way the physical warmth blended with the warmth of the spices. Mmmm.


    However, when I got done eating and got up from the table, I felt sick. I'd eaten waaay too much. I could feel my belly pressing on my pants, and not just my pants, my lungs. It was harder to breathe when I left the restaurant. I felt a little nauseous from being so full. Bile was backing up in my throat. My walk felt more like a waddle, and I felt hot, not from the spices but from sheer fullness. My tongue didn't move like it was supposed to, and I felt weak.

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    When I got home, I wrote down this description, to anchor in my brain just what overeating does for me. I only reread the description once after I read it, but I've printed it out, and plan to read it before each meal in this coming week.


    This last week, just writing it down was enough to disrupt some of my habits. I didn't diet, really. I just remembered this feeling and it was enough to keep me from having that third piece of pizza at lunch. It was enough to help me have six chocolate kisses, rather than 12. Or 20.


    I didn't diet. I just became a little aware of how much I overeat and what it does to me. I found myself wondering if I ate literally twice as much as I needed to at every meal, or if some meals were "just" 60 or 80% too much. I honestly think that I would have had enough food to keep me going with half the quesadilla.


    I kept up the same exercise program as before. I walked the dog every day (60 - 90 minutes). I lifted weights on three days.


    Add in this nudge toward awareness, and the result?

    When I weighed myself this morning I weighed (drum roll please)...248.


    That's 2 pounds less than I started. Yeah!



Published On: January 19, 2010