Finding Motivation to Exercise During a Weight-Loss Slump

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  • The theme for this week was the hardest pound in the world-to lose, that is.  


    I lost one pound, and am weighing in at 247, but it was very hard, and right now it doesn't feel worth it.


    After last week, when I realized on a visceral level just how much I over eat out of habit, I decided to focus my weight loss efforts there this week. It would be easy, I thought.  If I usually eat almost twice as much as I need, just stop doing that and the weight will just melt away. Whee!


    Yeah. That didn't work. I was quite active physically. We had a rain free week, a rarity in Washington, and I took advantage of it. I walked my dog a fair amount (100 minutes yesterday, for example), and got some other exercise. I walked other dogs at the humane society, where I volunteer, and hit the gym (60 minutes of aerobics [40 on the bike, 20 on the stairmaster] yesterday in addition to the walking).

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    But trying to not overeat set off all kinds of deprivation screaming inside my head. Every time I stopped eating, it felt like this huge pit opened up inside me. I went to bed thinking about food. I got up thinking about food. I swear I don't know how people who go on active diets do it. All I was trying to do was not eat to excess.


    I hated myself often this week. I felt weak, and I found myself doing all the weight loss games I've heard other people mention, like Maybe the Scale is Broken or This Piece of Chocolate Won't Count Because...


    It doesn't feel worth it, but...I lost one more pound.



Published On: January 25, 2010