Overeating Should Not Be a Reward to Losing Weight

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  • This week's weigh in showed a weight of 243, or a total of 7 pounds lost. Yeah!


    I'm just starting to notice the changes in my physical body: clothes fit a little looser, the belly feels a little flatter. That's good.


    However, what I really noticed this week were the games I play with myself. To be more specific, I found myself making plans for after weigh-in. I made plans for what I'd do if I lost 1 pound, 2 pounds, no pounds. Each of them revolved around eating.


    When I weighed myself yesterday and found I'd lost 7 pounds, I immediately started calculating if I could overeat just one day and still lose weight next week or if I could manage two days. I found myself promising that I'd exercise even more next week, when I was feeling better.

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    I was still swamped in mucus all week, and so really didn't exercise vigorously. I was also still largely dead to the scent of food, and so was relatively insulated to its temptations. That said, I was still preemptively planned to overeat, once I made my weight.


    Um, hello Greg? That's not really tenable as a long range plan: lose weight, then overeat to celebrate. I can't really establish a long term /long range healthy weight and health maintenance program that's based around denial and indulgence. Or rather, I can, but it's pretty likely to work like what I've always done, which is to say, not at all.


    So, I celebrate the loss of another 1.5 pounds, and I see what I need most: a shift in vision. Right now, I'm locked in a balance game: I want to weigh less, and I want to overeat. Overeating is easier, and so is likely to win in the long run. Therefore, what I need to do is change the vision.

    Wish me luck.

Published On: February 08, 2010