Stress Eating Can Derail Your Weight Loss

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  • All week long, I planned what I'd say in this week's blog post. When I did, I felt like lying. Why? Because it was a hard week and it felt like things just fell apart. Like I just fell apart.


    I'd mentioned the new miracle diet of getting nasty sick with phlegm. That's finally gone, but it left me exhausted. We also had an ongoing low level family crisis (I won't be going into details), so that I felt tired and stressed all week.


    I didn't leap off the wagon as far as healthy eating. There were no enormous binges, no nights of "after I finished the first pizza...," but I found myself having the third slice of pizza...when I was full by the second. I found myself having an extra piece of chocolate. I found myself with chips in hand, then in mouth, even as I was realizing that I wasn't hungry. In other words, stress eating.

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    Now, it wasn't a sentence of doom as far as weight loss, because I was feeling healthier. (I've finally stopped hacking globs of phlegm and blood, hurray!) This meant I could work out steadily, and I did: six days of aerobic work at the gym (bike or some stair climber), along with averaging over an hour of walking the dog each day. I totaled about two hours of exercise each day, seven days a week (plus some weight training on three days).


    And that should let you know what stress eating does for me, because I weight...243. In other words, I stress ate myself to even with last week.


    I'm hoping next week will be better. The main achievement this week was realizing just how habitual stress eating is, and how easily small steps can convert to overeating. I never did binge, but somehow, a chip here and a piece of chocolate there...I definitely need a new stress release routine.



Published On: February 15, 2010