Home-Cooked Healthy Meals Aid Weight Loss

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  • Okay, the good news: I lost one pound this week-I'm down to 242. I call that a victory, not just because I lost a pound (that's eight pounds thus far), but because of how I lost it and what else might have gotten in the way.


    I lost that pound in large part because of my wife. She and I both cook, but she's more experienced in evaluating recipes for their health and diet impact. This week we decided to cook all of our dinners out of a healthy cookbook. Our goal was not just to help me lose weight, but to develop an array of low fat recipes that were tasty enough that we ate them voluntarily. One night was kind of a failure (we refer to it as the night we ate a shrub on a fish), but most nights were tasty successes. Tonight, for example, we had a spicy broiled chicken with a yogurt lemon mint dip and an orzo with veggies side. Very low fat, very tasty, and definitely something to have again.

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    And, it was good that I had help, because the rest of life was just not cooperating. One meal we'd planned to cook at home just got bumped in favor of takeout, because family-related emergencies took us away from home for three hours right before dinner. Other nights saw a late Valentine's celebration and a family birthday, both of which saw some fairly standard (as in, rich) recipes consumed.

    I guess the spring-like weather also helped, even if it didn't seem like it at the time. You see, it gave our young and pushy dog spring fever, and so I lengthened his noon walks to keep him from driving us crazy. I also lengthened the morning walks. That meant that if I didn't make it to the gym, I still ended up walking 90-100 minutes a day to keep the dog from getting restless.


    So, two celebrations and a "gawd I'm starving dinner," and I still lost a pound. Like I said, I call that victory.


Published On: February 22, 2010