Write Down Your Triggers for Overeating

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  • Okay, I was confused this week. I know why, sort of, but as far as weight loss and implementing a healthier diet, it was pretty much a week of frustration.

    Let me take a step back for a moment and admit that I took a step back: I weighed 243 this week, and I'm not sure why.


    It must be my diet, and in particular, stress and unconscious eating, because I exercised every day. The least exercise I got on any day this week was 2 full hours of walking. On most days, I got more  -totals around 90-100 minutes of walking plus 45-60 minutes of weight lifting (and a little biking), or 90-100 minutes of walking plus 45-60 minutes of stairmaster and biking.

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    And yet, I slide back.


    Here's where I work to make the week useful and draw a lesson from it, rather than just collapsing in myself in frustration. Here's what I did: I thought that exercising more (and more regularly) would keep the weight loss going, especially since I didn't have any days of gorging. For the most part, I stayed away from my worst trigger foods (French fries are right out), and moderated my indulgences.


    And yet, and yet, and yet...it was an incredibly busy and stressful week. We had extra people and animals in the house (kids between apartments and trying to decide if they were house hunting), their dog, and new job celebrations and trying to make people feel at home, and long hours at work. I know I overeat when there's a celebration. I know I overeat when I'm socializing. I know I overeat when I'm tired and stressed. I know I overeat when I'm trying to escape.


    All of those happened this past week. That means that for the first week of March, I need to do two things. First, I need to find some way to track my food consumption, one that will hold up under pressure. (A food diary sounds like the obvious choice, but will I keep up with it-one more obligation-during the busiest times?) And second, I need to find some way to deal with stress-and celebration- that isn't eating.


    Ideally, next week I'll be able to report the scale going back down again.



Published On: March 02, 2010