Eating Right for Your Heart and Breaking Bad Habits

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  • For those of you following the numbers, I'm still stalled: I'm at 243 pounds this week, the same as last week. In the larger scale of things, that's a seven pound loss, which is good. On the emotional scale, it is pretty hard, because this seems early in the weight loss process to have hit a plateau.


    It also seems wrong, somehow. I've worked out each of the past seven days. The lightest workout was today, and right now I'm at 90 minutes of martial arts and 80 minutes of walking the dog. The other days were all heavier workouts (90-120 minutes walking, plus 40-80 minutes aerobic exercise or weight lifting).

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    Obviously, the issue is not with my level of activity, but with my diet. I've therefore been focusing this week on two general categories: making small changes for the better and investigating my attitudes towards eating.

    The small changes are things like drinking water (2 extra glasses today, 4 yesterday, 2 the day before, and so on), eating slower, and trying to make healthy choices when little or no stress is involved. For example, we had homemade hamburgers the other night for dinner. Most of the family had onion rings as their side dish; I had apple sauce.


    To investigate my attitudes, I'm working with readings in books such as Martha Beck's The Four Day Win. Last night I took a quiz in that book, which tries to address change from the psychological perspective. (According to that quiz, I'm in the category of most resistant to making healthy choices, because of my attitude and negative self-talk. Big surprise.)


    That's where I'm going to try to focus this week as well, to approach weight loss from three perspective: steady exercise, small dietary changes, and attempts to rework my attitudes towards weight, eating, and health.


    If anyone has any suggestions on books, exercises, or websites to help with the latter, I'm game.



Published On: March 08, 2010