I Changed My Diet and Eating Habits But I'm Not Seeing Results

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  • Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Throughout this past week, the least exercise I got was one day of 30 sets of weights and 90 minutes of aerobics (walking and bike). And... I still weight 243.


    I'm disappointed, and somewhat baffled, because I'm continuing to make changes in my diet. I drank extra water each day this week. My wife and I are eating some tasty and healthy meals that are lower in fat-a nice lemon chicken baked with peppers and onions, a lean pork kabob, etc. And the weight workouts are paying off. I saw more muscle in my arms when looking in the mirror.  If I look at the mirror, my change in habits is a success.

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    If I look at the scale, it is a failure, or at least, stalled.


    So what's the answer? It has to be the mind, because I know what my problem still is. There are three issues that intersect in my mind, and the result shows up in my body.

    Issue #1: Judging hunger/fullness. I've already touched on this, but I can't really judge how hungry I am (versus how much I want to eat). I also don't stop eating when I'm full. No matter how low fat our dinners are, if I eat twice what I need, I'll stay heavy.


    Issue #2: Stress eating. I meditate and go for walks, but I simply don't have anything that kills stress the way that a bowl of chips does. Again, a healthy evening meal is great-but if anxiety leads me to chomp chips, all gets derailed.


    Issue #3: Celebration eating. I still celebrate with chocolate, and eating chocolate means eating too much chocolate. Until I find a substitute celebration, that will be a tasty landmine.


    Of all of these, I'm working most on issues #1 and #3. I'm estimating my hunger before I eat, and trying to estimate fullness as I eat. Thus far, it hasn't change my behavior. I'm trying to slow down my chocolate consumption, and eat less of really good chocolate. We'll see how that works.


    And that's this week.



Published On: March 16, 2010