Exercising for Heart Health - Going to The Gym

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  • I'm still working on changing my diet, and, more particularly, changing my relationship to food, how much I eat, and when I overeat.


    However, this week I decided to approach things from the other end. To be specific, I focused on making my exercise routine more appealing.


    I've been going to the YMCA for some time. When I started, it was fine. The workout room was basic, but there wasn't much demand for the equipment, and so it worked out well. Recently, though, the Y's had an upsurge in membership, and it seems like all of those new members are trying to use the exercise machines. What this has meant for me is that where I used to be able to find free parking in the Y lot, I now have to look for pay parking, and I may not find any for blocks.

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    If I do find parking and go in to exercise, it may be impossible to get on the machines I want. I am not exaggerating. Within the past few weeks I've had two or three days in which every exercise machine and every Stairmaster was full. I would switch to a different weightlifting machine, but I couldn't work out in a specific order, at a specific interval, or even use some of the machines for quite some time.


    My wife has been listening to my growing complaints, and she suggested trying another gym. I didn't want to waste the money of belonging to two gyms at once; she found a coupon for a nearly free trial offer at a new gym.


    It has been disorienting. I can get in almost twice the weightlifting in the same amount of time. What's more, there's a big parking lot, and so I can always go to the gym. Yes!


    A second change is coming. One of my readers suggested finding some other reward to replace food. This week my wife and I are going to be fostering a dog from our local humane society. Her name is Allie, and we're going to give her a temporary home, so she doesn't have to sleep in a cage. Perhaps doing something nice for a fur person will be a reward too. That starts tomorrow.


    My weight's still the same-still 243, or down 7 pounds from the start-but I'm changing the context. Wish me luck.


Published On: March 29, 2010