How My New Gym Improved My Workout and Results

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  • This past week I tried a different approach to making a lifestyle change, and my wife helped me do so as well.


    As you may recall, I decided to try a new gym. I decided this because the new gym lacked most or all of the negatives of the local YMCA I'd been using. The Y had no parking; this gym has it. The Y was so crowded I always had to wait for machines or change my work out; this gym has far more equipment, etc.


    Thus far, I'm happy to say that this change in context worked. I didn't have as many excuses or as much frustration when it came time to work out, and I worked out longer and harder. I also had an unexpected positive. Some of the folks who use the YMCA are quite fit, but on the whole, people are doing fairly low level workouts. At this new gym, the proportions are different. More people are doing more strenuous workouts, and longer workouts. I hadn't looked for this, but I found myself doing more as a way to sort of fit in at the new place.

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    And, in another change in context, the third time I opened the cupboard and didn't find any chips to eat there, I remembered that my wife had said she wasn't going to buy any. I'd shared my frustration with her about not being able to eat just one or two and stop, and we'd agreed it would be better not to have any.  A realization: I feel deprived when I don't get some specific treats to eat, but not those. I can skip those.

    As for the other change in context, fostering the dog from the humane society, she's here, and she's happy, and that's good. I'm walking a bit more, to keep up with two dogs.


    My weight? That's the same, but since we had a hearty Easter dinner, I'll call that a victory, actually. I feel better from the longer workouts, and I am confident the scale will reflect the increase in activity.


Published On: April 06, 2010