What About Your Heart Health Are You Thankful For?

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN Health Pro
  • Thanksgiving is practically here. Do you actually take the time to voice what you are thankful for?


    I know when it comes to your health you may be frustrated with problems you've faced this past year. It is often easy to dwell on the negatives:


    1. Insurance co-payments
    2. A lack of health insurance coverage
    3. New diagnosis
    4. Not able to diagnosis what's going on
    5. Difficulty contacting your physician
    6. Not getting answers to your questions
    7. Unpleasant medication side effects
    8. And the list goes on. . .


    Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity to step back and look at the positives. Some of these may apply to you:

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    1. You are still here.
    2. You've had another year with your family.
    3. You've begun treatment to control your health issues.
    4. You are seeing results.
    5. Bypss surgery was a success.
    6. You are able to access the medication you need.
    7. You've been able to wean off medication.
    8. You're more active now than you were 12 months ago.
    9. You no longer have high cholesterol.
    10. You've lowered your blood pressure to within normal.


    If in your case the positives don't outweigh the negatives what can you do in the year ahead to change that around?

    Change to a heart healthy diet?
    Join a gym?
    Consult a new physician?


    Health Central provides a wealth of information to get you on track to better heart health. Here are a few links you may want to check out:

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    All too often we take for granted our health and don't realize what we have until it's compromised. Health can be fleeting. Good health and even manageable health conditions can be blessings. Don't forget to take a moment to count your blessings this Thanksgiving!

    What are you thankful for?
    Feel free to share your blessings below.

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Published On: November 21, 2010