Raising Awareness For Heart Disease in Women

Lisa Nelson Health Pro
  • Did you know heart disease kills a woman nearly every minute in the U.S.?


    If heart disease is responsible for so many female deaths why is it still being overlooked not only by women themselves, but by their physicians as well? Heart disease is not only the number one killer of men, but it's also the number one killer of women.


    Some recent studies show women are more concerned about female specific diseases, such as breast, cervical, and uterine cancers. These forms of cancer have very strong advocacy groups that have done a fantastic job getting out the message and increasing awareness about these conditions.

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    The significant morbidity and mortality rates linked to heart disease and women and raising the awareness of the role of cholesterol is critical.


    Here are a few scary statistic:


    • 64% of women who diet from heart disease have no previous symptoms
    • 1 in 2.6 deaths in women is due to heart disease versus 1 in 30 from breast cancer
    • Heart disease kills about half a million women every year


    Research from the American Heart Association shows that low levels of HDL cholesterol appears to be a stronger risk factor for women versus men. Another reason knowing the breakdown of your cholesterol levels (HDL, LDL, and triglycerides) and not just the total is essential. By knowing which of your numbers are elevated or low you'll be better able to implement an appropriate treatment strategy. The best way to lower triglycerides is not necessarily the best way to lower LDL cholesterol. If you have not had a cholesterol screening or do not know your numbers contact your physician.


    Don't underestimate your risk for heart disease and the importance of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. The foods you eat and your level of physical activity both play a role in your heart health.


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Published On: February 05, 2010