Eating the Right Breakfast

Lisa Nelson Health Pro
  • When you eat breakfast in the morning do you find you are hungrier throughout the day? I recently had someone comment that this was what they experienced and for that reason they choose not to eat breakfast.


    As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's essential to your heart health success. In a previous post I showed how eating breakfast is even linked to weight loss .


    So, let's address why you may feel hungrier on the days you eat breakfast and what you can do if you find eating breakfast increases your hunger.


    First of all, there are two potential reasons breakfast can increase your hunger later in the morning.

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    1. Higher metabolism


    When you do not eat breakfast the body naturally adapts and conserves energy by slowing your metabolism and decreasing hunger. This adaptive function can lead to bad habits of not eating breakfast then also skipping lunch because you just don't feel hungry and not eating your first meal until the middle of the afternoon. The major benefit of eating a healthy breakfast is to jump start your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day to promote weight loss. This elevated metabolic rate may cause feelings of hunger mid-morning. It is okay to satisfy this hunger with a small snack, such as a handful of mixed nuts.


    2. High carbohydrate breakfast


    Now the second potential reason you may feel hungry after eating breakfast may be due to a poor breakfast selection. If you are eating a breakfast high in carbohydrates and low in protein you may experience a blood sugar drop that leads to feelings of low blood sugar (dizziness, weakness). Examples of high carbohydrate breakfasts that are low in protein include toast with jelly or a bowl of cereal with a glass of juice.


    You can counteract this second cause of mid-morning hunger by adjusting your breakfast choices. Select 100% whole grain toast with peanut butter, scrambled egg whites with cheese and a slice of 100% whole grain toast, cottage cheese with fruit, or a cereal high in fiber that includes sliced almonds/nuts for protein.


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Published On: March 05, 2010