Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane: Holistic Approach to Medicine

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  • Are you ready to get answers to your most pressing heart health questions from a nationally known emergency room physician, heart health expert, and anti-aging specialist?


    Well, now's your chance!  I will be interviewing Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane later this month.  I want to ask the questions you want answers to.  To ask your question, simply post a comment below to this post.



    Here's a little background information on Dr. Shelby-Lane.  She's known as the "agelessdoctor" with a private practice located in Detroit, Michigan - Elan Anti-Aging & Longevity Center of Michigan.  After 23 years as an emergency room physician, her experience with life and death crises made her realize the limitations of traditional medicine.  She became a board certified anti-aging specialist with a holistic approach to medicine, integrating traditional and complimentary strategies to treat and prevent disease.  Dr. Shelby-Lane has recently expanded her practice to the internet and answers questions for patients around the world, providing alternative solutions and second opinions.

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    Dr. Shelby-Lane's knowledge is extensive and has led to positions with numerous state and national medical boards, including two terms as President of the American Association of Women Emergency PhysiciansHer areas of expertise include cardiovascular disease prevention, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, detoxification, adrenal and thyroid disorders, weight management, memory and brain health, autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia. 


    In a unique twist, Dr. Shelby-Lane not only graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, but also the Second City Comedy School in Chicago.  She's a firm believer that laughter is good medicine and I have to agree.  She's produced her own comedy show titled "Laugh Attack: Stopping the # 1 Killer - Heart Disease" and delivers a powerful lecture called "Heart Sense & Humor".  You can join her live via satellite radio on February 4th as she discusses heart disease and her upcoming book release.


    The list of Dr. Shelby-Lane's accomplishments is endless (including being a guest on Oprah - more than once!).  The above is just a quick synopsis of the ones I thought you'd find most interesting related to heart disease.


    Make the most of Dr. Shelby-Lane's generous offer to carve time out of her busy schedule to answer your questions. 


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    This interview will be posted in February as a special feature to recognize "American Heart Month".  So, watch for the answers to your questions next month!  Until then, I'd love to have you join the hundreds of people reading The Heart of Health ezine where I provide free heart health and weight loss tips.  Subscribers also receive the free report Stop Wasting Money - Take Control of Your Health or the free e-course How to Lower Cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps.


Published On: January 14, 2009