Cut the Salt and Reduce Sodium in Your Diet

Lisa Nelson Health Pro
  • Too much sodium in your diet can contribute to high blood pressure and make your blood pressure treatment less effective.  Simply reducing your sodium intake to 2.3 grams (6 g table salt) daily can decrease your blood pressure.


    The average American consumes 6-18 grams of table salt daily (about 3 teaspoons).  The body only needs 200 mg daily.  That is 30 times less than what American's typically consume. 


    To be heart healthy, sodium intake should be reduced to less than 2300 mg (1 teaspoon) daily.


    Quick tips to cut back on sodium:

    • Don't add salt when boiling water.
    • Leave the salt shaker off the table.
    • Read food labels to avoid foods high in sodium.
    • Avoid foods high in sodium, such as gravies, cheese, and soy sauces.


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Published On: February 27, 2009