Assemble a Weight Loss "Team" to Help Stay Focused

Lisa Nelson Health Pro
  • In order to be heart healthy and reduce your risk of heart disease, you need to successfully lose weight and/or maintain a healthy body weight.  Successfully losing weight and maintaining the weight loss requires several different factors all working together. Get a team of experts behind you to successfully achieve the long-term weight loss you desire.


    Who do you need on your weight loss team?


    1. Doctor - A step many skip!

    2. Nutritionist - I'm more than happy to help you.

    3. Personal Trainer - I'll share a few options.

    4. Support Group - NewU is just a click away.


    Now don't panic. Finding these team members can be affordable and easy. I'll show you how.

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    Before beginning any new exercise or health program, I recommend you consult your physician. Most people skip this step and jump right into the latest and greatest weight loss program they found. Now, granted if you're young and in decent physical condition, receiving clearance from your physician may not be critical. However, if you are severely overweight, diagnosed with diabetes or have a family history of heart disease, it's best to be evaluated by your physician before pushing your heart rate too high.




    There is so much information available on weight loss and what foods to eat it can be very overwhelming to figure out exactly what you should be doing to successfully lose weight. A trustworthy source to help you sort through the information is a registered dietitian. A dietitian can assess your current dietary intake, nutrient needs, and assist you with establishing a realistic, practical plan towards meeting your nutrition and weight loss goals. The guidance you receive can range from daily meal plans to not regressing during the holiday's to healthy cooking tips and much more. I offer a variety of online options to guide you to your health goals. Some health insurance plans will reimburse the cost of your appointments with a dietitian, especially if you are referred by your physician.


    Personal Trainer


    A personal trainer will design a fitness routine and ensure you're doing the exercises correctly. Meeting with a personal trainer can be pricey, but there are alternatives - phone and/or internet coaching for half the cost (or less). There are many programs online that allow you to enter information and download workout routines based on your information. For best results, I encourage you to consult with a trainer in person for one or two appointments. This will allow you to receive a fitness assessment and time to discuss your goals with your trainer. Your trainer will also go through the recommend workout routine to make sure you understand all activities and are using the correct form and technique. After this, you can check-in with your trainer via phone or email to monitor progress and answer questions.


    Support Group


    Having a strong support system in place is critical as you work towards your weight loss goals. You drastically increase your rate of success by surrounding yourself with individuals supporting you. Changing your habits, such as cutting back on portion sizes, selecting healthier options, making time to workout by yourself, etcetera can lead to feelings of loneliness and possibly after time depression. And where does depression lead? That's right, to some good ole comfort foods that are usually not the best choices to go overboard on if you want to lose weight! Participating in a support group is critical to overcoming the challenges everyone faces on the road to weight loss.


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    NewU - Your Weight, Your Health, Your Choice is a great option you can use to surround yourself with a support group and have access to qualified nutritionists - two birds with one stone!  NewU dietitians Lisa Nelson and Ursula Ridens are hosting a free teleclass - The 5 Biggest Diet Myths Revealed! - and would love to have you attend.  Go to to register today.


Published On: June 15, 2009