Facing the Facts: I am addicted to foods that are not good for me

Pat Shannon Health Guide
  • Geez!! What happened? I was doing so well: Down one dress size; wearing pants that now buttoned at the waist; ankles back to normal, giving my legs a youthful shape; and my love handles shrinking. It must have made me arrogant with power. I thought I was strong enough to just eat a little bit of the wrong foods. I guess I need to face the fact that I am addicted to foods that taste good, but are not good for me.


    My fall was swift and deep and, as if by magic, fat began to reappear. Something told me not to be a complete crazy and give away my BIG clothes. Reality set in, as did the fluid in my ankles, and I am left with only myself to blame. Embarrassed, I am feeling a deep wave of failure because I have told so many people that I was changing my negative behavior to reduce my heart risk factors. Then I began to question my ability to do this.

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    Everywhere I go there is food. Someone is always having a cookout, or a special occasion dinner, or a tailgate party.I can't go into Sam's, BJ's, or Costco without the little ladies handing out free samples. My best friend and I always have popcorn layered with butter at the movies

    I am back on the wagon and I have gone back to watching my salt. I wish you could see how my ankles are looking now. I have begun to drop weight again but I have to the lose 4 pounds I had already lost in order to really start losing again.


    Are you having the same issues as I am? Let's become heart-healthy buddies and give each other the support necessary to change our negative lifestyles.


    - Pat


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Published On: January 21, 2008