Setting Exercise Goals to Decrease My Heart Risk Factors

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  • I successfully navigated Thanksgiving, a seven day cruise, Christmas, and New Year's with only a two-pound weight gain. This is incredible for me! How did I do it? I cut my portions and walked as much as I could. I hate to exercise, but I found when I walked and climbed the stairs I felt better and burned off some calories. The cruise ship was a great way to really test my resolve to change my lifestyle. I ate a lot of veggies and fresh fruit and walked this huge ship and all three ports of call, probably logging more than 15 miles in one week. Since I started this blog, I have a net weight loss of 10 pounds but I am not quite ready to pose for Playboy.

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    Now it is time to get really serious in 2008. I am absolutely focused on reducing my cholesterol, hypertension, weight, and body mass index. I just did my full body measurements, took a weight reading, calculated my body mass index, and I already had my cholesterol numbers. There will be many temptations in my way and I will fall from time to time, but I know I must do it or suffer the consequences which are not pretty.


    I wrote out goals for each of the above heart risk factors and gave myself some goals I know I can make as motivators and then more challenging ones that I really have to give my best to achieve. One of my goals is to find a partner(s) I can work with and we can help each other stay on track. If you need to make some lifestyle changes NOW, please let me hear from you and let's do this together.


    Can you believe it? I am lifting weights. You have to try it. Use either some canned goods or barbells. I lift them over my head and out to the side and I am up to 5 pounds in each hand. It's amazing how you can feel the difference in a week or so. I also will start today to put 2 1/2 pound weights on each ankle and walk with them in the office and at home. I am doing knee bends and knee lifts at my desk, and practicing deep breathing several times a day for 3 minutes. All of these things are helping to change my mindset and attitude. They are all easy to do. I want them to become habit forming and a routine part of my day.


    I wrote down all of my measurements and put them in a sealed envelope. Now all I have to do is remember where I hid the envelope. I hope no one finds it with my measurements. Surely they will think they have found the dimensions for building the Goodyear Blimp!!!


    To recap the strategy:

    1. Walk whenever you can.

    2. Lift weights, even if just cans from the pantry.

    3. Take your measurements.

    4. Write out your goals.

    5. Seal your goals and get on track.

    6. Join me on our path to heart health!


    - Pat


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Published On: January 02, 2008