Exercise Tips to Motivate Yourself: Find a Workout Partner

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  • I want to first thank each of you who took the time to write me and to encourage me. I am not proud of myself and I cannot lie to you, for I am not doing well on changing my negative behavior. I was doing great and then, as if I ran into a brick wall, I sunk into an area of no control. I would rationalize eating certain things and then others. Eventually, I was making excuses and regaining the weight I had lost.


    All around me were negative influences and I allowed them to become my reason for failure. While they were not helping me, the real reason I failed was my own lack of control, not others taking me out to eat or cooking dishes I should not eat.

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    Then I began to wallow in self disgust and my sense of failure was so depressing, I ate even more. Writing this blog and doing the right thing became a heavy burden and I wanted to just give up and stay unhealthy and suffer the consequences. Then I caught the bug that is going around and that zapped the last ounce of motivation and will to do better.

    As I lay in bed feeling like I had just been hit by a metro bus, something clicked in my head. I began to ask myself why. Why was this so difficult for me? Then I thought about a very dear friend who was paralyzed in an automobile accident and how he has adjusted his life to be very productive and very positive. If he could learn to drive, hold a new job, and re-learn a host of other tasks aside from being a great father and husband, then why can't I? I need to get myself together.


    I now have a friend who is working with me, pushing each other to succeed and we are keeping a daily journal of all exercise and nutritional activities. At the end of the week, we will review both journals and decide what changes we may need to each make.. We are doing this for 13 weeks and we started February 19. We have each weighed in on the same scale and measured each other. Needless to say, the envelope with that data is well hidden.


    Well, I have to go now and call my friend and remind her today is the beginning and I am here for her. Wish us both success.


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Published On: March 04, 2008