Control What Your Eat to Reduce the Risk of Obesity, Heart Problems

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  • Between last week's binge and this week's apocalyptic Washington, D.C. blizzard that forced me inside for six days straight, I was surprised when I got up this morning to see that I hadn't gained the two pounds I'd previously lost back. I was even more surprised to see that I was a whole other pound down. Yay!

    But, while I'm thrilled that some of the habits I've developed over the past three weeks have stuck and paid off, I honestly don't have any wisdom for how that happened. After last week's diet debacle of epic proportions, I was determined on Friday to get back on the wagon, and I guess I did...sort of. Food shopping for the impending blizzard was difficult, since by the time I got to the market on Friday evening nearly everything was already spoken for. No, really, like everything: bread, milk, eggs, ground turkey, deli turkey, rice, cheese... the shelves were empty. The only things left to choose from were packaged foods, which are the devil incarnate in terms of sodium content. But choose from them I did, stocking up on frozen veggies, hot wings, chicken strips and french fries. I had enough food at home to keep my daily omelet habit up for about three days until I ran out. The same went for lean turkey sandwiches and veggies...until I ran out. Needless to say, I ended up putting those hot wings and fries to good use by mid-week.

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    So, my diet definitely left much to be desired. I can only guess that I didn't gain weight because of the small amount of food I was eating each day; laying about all week doesn't really work up an appetite. And, while I could have spent the week doing any of the five or six workout videos I've purchased over the last few months, I only managed a few DVD workouts. Instead, I opted for spending hours giving my mother detailed updates on the snow's progress ("Yeah, it's still snowing. I can't even see my car anymore") while staring out of the window of my apartment. I suppose I got a good bit of exercise on both Monday and Thursday when I had to spend the better part of three hours shoveling the snow that had accumulated around my car after the storms (the worst of it reached my waist!). Oh, and there was the accidental Sunday morning stairwell workout that I embarked on to get the absolute best pics of the snow-capped street to email to friends and family in Texas.

    Honestly, though, I'm proud of myself for not going completely crazy with sugary drinks and snacks. And, more than any other week, I think this week proved that a big part of me is changing, permanently and for the better. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go fight for more groceries since I hear we'll get more snow next week...

Published On: February 15, 2010