Treating Flu Symptons at Home

Whitney Health Guide
  • I'm now 100 percent certain of what people mean when they say that God laughs when people make plans. A week after returning from New Orleans and literally getting back in the saddle of exercising and eating right, I came down with what is sure to be the worst case of mysterious spring flu-like illness known to man. Being one of the millions of uninsured Americans, I ignored my instinct to seek medical care after I came down with a sore throat...and again when I began waking up in cold sweats...and again when I felt feverish, achy and wracked by productive coughs. So, I self-medicated for over a week, doubling and tripling up on OTC medicines, teas and every wacky folk treatment my mom could find, including mixing course pepper and honey to get rid of the cough (it didn't work, in case you're wondering).

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    Needless to say, I wasn't much in the mood for counting calories or hitting the treadmill. On the other hand, I wasn't much in the mood for eating, either, which may explain my one-pound drop over the past couple of weeks. I was initially excited to see my weight down to where it had been pre-New Orleans, but somehow I feel like a full week of eating normally may bring it back up.

    I'll try not to make plans for this week, but I'm excited because I've been more than eager to eat my healthy food staples after days of having no appetite at all. And I'm even more eager to get back to my daily walks...I just hope I can make it a few miles without another coughing fit.

Published On: April 12, 2010