Reward Yourself with New Clothes to Reflect Weight Loss

Whitney Health Guide
  • Success! When I weighed myself over the weekend, the scale stubbornly only showed an 8-pound total weight loss. Not bad, but after three months of work, I definitely wanted more. But, I'm completely motivated and energized not by the number on the scale, but by what happened over the weekend when I went shopping for "career clothes." Unlike a lot of women with weight problems, I've always loved shopping, but recently the disappointment that I've been feeling over my slow weight loss had sort of dulled that for me. I had expected that by this time (nearly May), I'd be prancing around in clothes four of five sizes smaller, so I've sort of avoided buying new things. But even I couldn't deny that the sweats and T-shirts I live in as a freelance writer were not only getting too loose, but also were not appropriate for my new job search (I'm on a mission to get a "real" job. Stay tuned for details!).

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    So, it was with a mix of excitement and fear that I ventured to a department store to try on oxford shirts, pencil skirts and blazers. And, I'm extremely happy that I did, since the shopping trip revealed that I'm down one whole pants size and that I'm halfway toward being down another. Yay!

    I think that I've really earned it. Since coming back from New Orleans nearly a month ago, I've pretty much stayed away from fast food, although I've been pretty consistently meeting friends for lunch or brunch each weekend. But, even when I do eat out, I'm careful to stay away from sugary drinks and so I order tap water and halve my portions. When I'm at home, I've tried to diversify my meals by adding cool, new recipes like the one for low-fat gazpacho that I altered even more to be more sodium friendly (no salt and reduced sodium Worcestershire sauce). I've also learned how to eliminate a major source of calories for myself - aka Starbucks snacks. Working from the coffee shop every day was always a diet-wrecker since I'd eat their food and snacks constantly: breakfast sandwiches, donuts, cookies, not to mention the espresso and frappuccinos that I love so much. But, for the past few days, I've been bringing a bag full of snacks like sliced apples, nuts, bananas and, yes, sometimes, cookies, so that I'm not so tempted by their wares, which are neither diet nor wallet friendly.

    The inconsistent spring weather in the Washington area has not been good to my daily walking plan, but I've been pretty consistent with switching out a walk for an indoor workout video (got to love Denise Austin) or a short bout with the treadmill. If you've read any previous entries you know that I absolutely hate to exercise, but luckily I'm a creature of habit and when I get into something it's harder to stop than it is to keep going, even if it's not my favorite activity.

    What about you? How has your weight-loss plan been going?

Published On: April 27, 2010