Stop Food Cravings to Lose Weight

Whitney Health Guide
  • I've reached a milestone in my weight loss progression: I've lost 10 pounds! The big 1-0 is pretty significant, not just because it feels like a "real" number that I will be proud to share with friends and family, but also because I'm a lot closer to losing 10 percent of my starting body weight. For anyone who has a big number of pounds to shed, focusing on the total number can be daunting. I knew that this was so for me, as I've unsuccessfully began dozens of weight-loss plans in the past. So, this time, I'm embracing the 10 percent rule, which dictates that even a drop of just 10 percent will result in a significant increase in health. I've still got another few pounds before I get to 10 percent, but 10 pounds feels really good. My BMI is now down nearly four points as well, 42.5.

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    The best part, for me, is that I can feel my workouts getting easier. Over the past few months I've jumped around, trying bike riding, treadmills, walks around my neighborhood, exercise DVDs and even yoga. I re-visited nearly all of those this past week (except the bike riding, which I still can't get the hang of) and I can really feel a difference in my endurance and overall level of fitness, after just 10 pounds! It's great because exercise has always been miserable for me, since I'm not terribly coordinated or athletic and I always feel awkward engaging in any sort of physical activity except yoga. But even in my weekly Saturday yoga class, where I always feel uncharacteristically light and graceful, I felt myself moving more easily from position to position and also felt the urge to push myself deeper into poses. I'm even working up the courage to try one of the advanced classes which, despite my many years of yoga, I have never felt "fit" enough to try.


    Eating healthier also feels like a part of my life now, not some strange experiment that I'm trying for a few days. I've found some cool foods that are easy and quick for me to cook and I've managed to largely stay away from fast foods. One cornerstone of my diet that isn't so great, though, is sweets. I cannot give them up. I can easily go a whole day eating great food (and recording them with my SparkPeople iPhone app). I'll have a few hundred daily calories left over to meet my goal and, like clockwork, around 8 p.m. I start craving a sweet treat. Ice cream, cookies, even sugary cereals, I feel like I have to have something. I normally indulge, rationalizing that I've been "good" the entire day, but I have a suspicion that these nightly binges are keeping me from losing weight as fast as I would like. I'm on the fence about what to do, since I am making progress and I have managed to clean up 90 percent of my what's wrong with this small holdout?


    Have you ever had a bad diet habit or craving that you just couldn't kick?

Published On: May 11, 2010