sharp pains on left side of chest and under breast

roxanne Community Member
  • hi there my name is roxanne for the last few months i have suffered with on and off pain in my left what feels like lung! it is a sharp constant pain under my breast towards the outside or even the inside but always on my left handside. i dotn know if its my heart or my lung or may breast.?? it is very painful and irritating. yes i am a smoker but also have been addicted to allot of energy drinks. but this to me feels it is not the cause more maybe my lung or breast ?

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Published On: October 31, 2012
  • Anonymous
    Jul. 18, 2013
    Could be a small area of your longue that burst. No surgery would be needed just antibiotics.
  • TinaM
    Nov. 08, 2012
    First let me say be very careful with energy drinks. My 19 yr old son has ulcers from his vocal cords to his stomach where he has a hiatal hernia. He has a 90% chance of it becoming stomach cancer by 25! Have you had your gallbladder looked at?