Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Dr. Larry Weinrauch's Posts

Jaw Pain Could Be Sign of Serious Heart Condition

Can pain in the jaw or teeth be an indication of a heart attack? How do I tell if a pain in my arm or shoulder is due to a heart condition?


These questions are quite common and frequently asked, and not always easily or correctly answered in magazines and journals. In fact, pain caused by an inadequate supply of... Read moreChevron

Rimonabant: Miracle Drug for Obesity?

A recent article and editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association (April 2, 2008) follows many recent studies on the drug rimonabant, available in many countries in Europe but not the... Read moreChevron

Should You Have an Automatic External Defibrillator in Your Home?

A recent study has been published and discussed in the newspapers suggesting that people with heart disease do not receive substantial benefit by having an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in their home. What does this mean for those who have them, have considered getting them, must consider replacement of batteries, etc? What does this... Read moreChevron

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

Almost every day I hear the discussion of why people perceive that they can’t exercise. This is usually followed by a discourse on how they can’t Read moreChevron

Hot tubs and heart disease: Trouble or treatment?

In many cultures throughout history and even today, the methods of bathing are different from ours. Some of the rituals would seem quite strange to those of us that have a shower and bathtub in our own homes or apartments. But as we travel, we become aware of other cultures and developments that at first seem odd, but later seem to invade our... Read moreChevron