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  • Everyone has a different definition of health. But no one can deny that when you lose your health, you know it. Becoming healthy, and maintaining your health require some definition. So let's set some rules:


    No matter how much denial you are in, you are not as healthy as you could be (not an exhaustive list) if:


    • You cannot walk 5 miles (for those limited by orthopedic or other ailments and unable to walk or run, this might be better interpreted by how far you can swim, or use your wheelchair)
    • You smoke
    • You are more than 20 pounds overweight
    • You are a woman drinking more than 1 alcoholic drink daily
    • You are a man drinking more than 2 alcoholic drinks daily
    • You are diabetic and have a glycohemoglobin above 8
    • You suffer from high blood pressure that is not well controlled
    • You are taking multiple "supplements" to make you feel better
    • You are neither taking medicine the doctor has suggested, nor telling the doctor
    • You have not had a full medical check up in more than 5 years
    • You wake up in the morning and just don't feel well
    • You have fallen recurrently


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    No matter how healthy you feel, you are still susceptible to illness from


    • Aging
    • Cancer
    • Infections
    • Environmental hazards
    • Accidents


    No matter what illnesses or accidents befall you, you will do better if you start in the best of health. All of us can benefit by being in better shape and more limber


    You can maintain or restore good health by:


    • Correcting any of the problems above
    • Exercising for 45 minutes 3 or 4 times per week
    • Drinking coffee (2 cups of coffee per day reduce hospitalization risk, cirrhosis risk, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, decline of mental faculties, and even headaches) if you can tolerate it without problems
    • A balanced diet, rich in flavanoids and fish (but not fried fish)
    • Being in a good relationship (interestingly, some pets can fill in for a good relationship)
    • Proper preventive strategies (this ranges from seat belt use, avoidance of driving or riding with someone whose judgment is impaired, avoidance of hazardous waste or emissions, to washing your hands and taking flu shots
    • Doing good deeds. Although there is some scientific evidence that those who donate blood may have increased longevity, I still recall a conversation with my parents (both survived into their nineties). My father sustained one heart attack, had coronary bypass surgery twice, had carotid surgery and eventually died of cancer. He claimed that the only thing that had kept him going into the nineties was the good that he did for others, my mother agreed (she lived longer than her 6 brothers and sisters, and spent most of her life doing volunteer work). Maybe there is more faith than science here, but life would be better if everyone followed this precept. For some strange reason people that do good deeds claim that they feel better than when they don't.

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Published On: December 05, 2007