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ewodahs, Community Member


(New) Life Without A Sternum

Looking for others who are now living without a sternum.


Nabil, Community Member


Too many years of suffering

After too many years of suffering lack of energy & being short of physical activity, tired, sleepy, very cold in the winter with almost useless hand and feet in the cold weather and cramping calves, unable to perform as my peers and constantly blaming myself and others also accusing me of being a couch potato, weiner, complainer ...... Read moreChevron

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Leslie Lafayette

Leslie Lafayette, Health Guide

California writer, educator, survivor of open heart valve surgery

A Journey Towards Better Health

"Sugar...ahh honey are my candy girl....and I'm in love with you!"
One of my favorite oldies was playing in the background as I found myself totally lost in my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's.
There I was walking around the aisles, and it felt like an entirely different store from the one I had... Read moreChevron

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Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN, Health Pro

Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist

Healthier Habits to Prevent Heart Events

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Every year, 720,000 American’s have a heart attack. Every year, about 600,000 people in the US die due to Read moreChevron

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