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dmc5770, Community Member


chest pain and numbness in left side of my body

..i got chest pain after shouting loudly in anger and then my left side of the body got itching and numbness ...(a condition when we sit for a long time) 23 years old ,,,,after this incidence i got high blood pressure ...150/ im taking AMLODIPINE(AMLODAC 5).....and vitamin tablets MEDINEURON....and injection CYNOCAL... Read moreChevron

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evalencia10313, Community Member



6 Months ago i had  a sudden spike in blood pressure. I was given nitroglycerin and sent on my way. Ever since that night i have been having real bad chest pains, i have pins and needles sensation down my left arm and left side of my face. At one point i couldnt be out in the sun because the pins and needles feeling became unbearable. Now... Read moreChevron

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tabe269, Community Member


valve replaceent and staph infection

I just lost my Fiancee to staph infection of the heart. he had just recently had 2 leaky valves replaced 2 months ago he just died july 2nd 2014 of a staph infection in the heart because he used needle drugs i beg of you if you do use drugs think twice he was only 32 years old now i have to bury him.

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Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN, Health Pro

Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist

Green Tea, Dark Chocolate, Pomegranates: Foods currently trending for better health

Jonny Bowden, a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition, and health, has answered a few questions on ingredients currently trending in the health world.


Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, (aka "The Rogue Nutritionist") is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology and the best-selling author of 14... Read moreChevron

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