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Testing for High Blood Pressure

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To measure your blood pressure, your doctor or nurse will use some type of a gauge, a stethoscope (or electronic sensor), and a blood pressure cuff. Most often, you will sit or lie down with the cuff around your arm as your doctor or nurse checks your blood pressure. If he or she doesn't tell you what your blood pressure numbers are, you should ask.

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For the past several years, cardiologists have been beating the drum for lower blood pressure.  We have all seen the studies and/or articles that have challenged the notion that the old cut-off of 140/90mmHg is too high for diagnosing high blood pressure.  The medical community even went so far as to coin the new term "pre-hypertension"…

Testing for High Blood Pressure
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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro, answered which blood pressure number is more… Hi Dennis,   More research equals more understanding of this…


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Dr. Larry Weinrauch, Health Pro, posted I’ve been told that I have white coat… Good question. This diagnosis of “office-related” high blood…




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