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A common symptom of coronary heart disease (CHD) is angina. Angina is chest pain or discomfort that occurs if an area of your heart muscle doesn't get enough oxygen-rich blood.

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Can pain in the jaw or teeth be an indication of a heart attack? How do I tell if a pain in my arm or shoulder is due to a heart condition?   These questions are quite common and frequently asked, and not always easily or correctly answered in magazines and journals. In fact, pain caused by an inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart can occur…

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Celeste Cooper, RN, Health Pro, answered my left arm and thumb has been numb for… Hello eklug61. You have reason for concern since heart disease runs in…


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Celeste Cooper, RN, Health Pro, answered If it's not angina what else can it be? flo, Lisa is giving you great suggestions. Explore what makes your chest hurt.…


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Lisa Nelson, RD, LN, Health Pro, answered i have a pain behind my left breast… I encourage you to contact your doctor for an evaluation. If this is heart…


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Tara Aschenbrenner, RN, Health Guide, answered Chest Pains & Short Breath When Laying… Hi Mason007: It is hard to say what is going on without you having…


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