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Heart disease medications include both anti-clotting medications, which are used to break up blood clots at any stage of heart disease, as well as other medications, such as nitrates, beta-blockers, CCBs, ACE inhibitors, statins and other lipid-lowering drugs. Anti-clotting drugs are categorized as antiplatelets or anticoagulants. Aspirin is the most common anti-clotting drug, and nearly everyone with heart disease or at-risk for heart disease is recommended to take a low-dose aspirin daily.

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Going off my Coumadin scares the heck out of me. The blood thinner was prescribed to me back in 2001 following my stroke. I always knew there was a risk of bleeding while taking Coumadin, but the fear of having another stroke outweighed that risk for me. My doctor told me I had thick blood and would have to be on Coumadin the rest of my life.…

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