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Pacemakers are electronic devices that monitor and stimulate a programmed heartbeat for patients who have a slow heart rate. The pacemaker is surgically implanted near the collar bone, and is a battery-powered generator that sends signals through wires that are connected to the heart. The pacemaker is able to detect slow or irregular heartbeats and send electrical signals to the heart to beat at a proper rate.

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Not a week goes by that I don’t see someone in cardiology consultation for skipping, jumpy heart beats.   It is a common problem- a problem that worries many people.Why?  It’s unnerving to feel your heart beating.  Most people are rarely aware of their heart’s movement in their chests.  So when a person…

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Dr. Kirk Laman: Wholehearted Cardiologist, Health Pro, answered fast dropping heart rate HI Peacechild554:   Our heart rate varies all the time.  Yes, this is quite a swing…


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Dr. Kirk Laman: Wholehearted Cardiologist, Health Pro, commented on When Your Heart Skips a Beat Hi:  Good idea. Perhaps in the future.   take care,   Dr. Kirk…




Lisa Nelson, Health Pro, answered heart monitor jumps to 220 and within… Hi John,   I recommend you discuss this with your physician and…


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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro, answered Fast heart beat? Slow pulse. Hi Raekoe,   I'm not able to tell you why the heart rate you feel and your pulse are…


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