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Craig Stoltz

Craig Stoltz, Health Guide

Health Journalist

Participating in a Heart Recovery Program is Better than Going It Alone

Here's another report that confirms intuition but serves as a useful reminder: People recovering from serious heart events and participate in a three-year follow-up program stick with heart-healthy behaviors over the long term. This may (emphasis may) reduce risk of death.   This is based on Mayo Clinic Research on heart-related disease... Read moreChevron
Pat Shannon

Pat Shannon, Health Guide

Sister to Sister

Exercise Tips to Motivate Yourself: Find a Workout Partner

I want to first thank each of you who took the time to write me and to encourage me. I am not proud of myself and I cannot lie to you, for I am not doing well on changing my negative behavior. I was doing great and then, as if I ran into a brick wall, I sunk into an area of no control. I would rationalize eating certain things and then others. ... Read moreChevron
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