• Tamsin Tamsin
    July 30, 2008
    Fluctuating blood pressure and heart rate
    Tamsin Tamsin
    July 30, 2008

    My heart rate is usually fairly high, late 80's and my blood pressure low c. 100/65.


    Reciently it has been all over the place.

    Yeaterday evening I had a blood pressure of 85/56 and a pulse of 66, This morning it was 186/130 and a pulse of 123.


    I'm 34 years old, my job is streeful but has been for the past 4 years so this is not something new.


    I do not exercise much and I know my eating habbits are bad (don't eat during the day)


    Since the age of about 13 I have had what the doctors call and essential tremmor.  My thyroid has been tested but comes back normal but there is a history of Thyroid problems in my family.


    Does anyone have an idea of why my pulse and blood pressure is all over the place?



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  • James Axe July 30, 2008
    James Axe
    July 30, 2008

    Hello,Im not an expert but a person who has had the same thing going on for almost 2 yrs.Sadly the VA Hosp.where i go was totally ignoring all my health issues including this issue also.I recently had a Heart Cath done,didnt see Dr.since app.coming up in Aug. went outside VA for that Dr.so not sure yet.But i do know that I have had the exact same thing going on,I was told of having Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,Im not positive of all the effects from this but you can look it up on internet.There could be a few possible reasons for this going on with you & myself just not sure yet,If I was you I would go to your Doctor and talk to him about this issue,I personally from experience think these problems are not something that should be ignored.Jim

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