• Ranigirl Ranigirl
    August 28, 2009
    Sharp pains in chest under sternum
    Ranigirl Ranigirl
    August 28, 2009

    I keep getting sharp pains in my chest, just under my sternum.  I took my blood pressure and it usually runs about 96/58.  It was 138/103 on the right side of my body, and 103/90 on the left.  I lay down for awhile and when I took it it was again, it was 134/98 on the right and 104/60 on the left. Could I be having problems with my heart?



  • Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    August 28, 2009
    Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    August 28, 2009

    Hi Ranigirl,

    I encourage you to contact your physician to discuss your symptoms and blood pressure readings to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Any chest pain like that should be evaluated by a doctor immediately, at the ER if necessary. If there is a heart issue, it needs to be attended to immediately.

    Here are some links about heart issues that you might find useful, but it's best to go straight to a professional when the heart could be involved:

    Heart Attack Symptoms and Warning Signs

    Stress and Heart Disease


    All the best,

    Lisa Nelson RD

    Heart Healthy Tips



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