• Hi Sandra:  Generally, a cough is caused by back pressure of blood from the Left Atrium into the pulmonary veins.


    When a person has a leaky mitral valve, the pressure rises inside the left atrium.  This pressure gets reflected back to the lungs and hence fluid there causes a person to cough.  This can be with exercise. 


    Some cases of a cough reflect mild congestive heart failure.  If a person lays flat they cough.


    Also a cause can be caused by the medication called an ACE inhibitor.


    So a number of ways that a cough can occur with a leaky valve.


    I hope this helps. 


    Dr. Kirk Laman

    Wholehearted Cardiologist

    • dee
      August 14, 2009
      August 14, 2009 daughter who just turned seven had heart surgery 2 years ago and she has a leaky valve.....she has been coughing like crazy.....but the thing is that its not a constant cough she coughs all day but only once  or twice every hour.....i am definietly going to have her checked.....

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