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    July 09, 2014
    Lyme disease symptoms
    yeshuaislove yeshuaislove
    July 09, 2014

    I had the lyme disease bullseye rash on top of my right foot (1 week after going swimming in the river in PA and coming up to the road walking thru the high weeds where it looked like a whole lot of poppy seeds were on my legs that I brushed off) back in 1996.

    I went to my Dr. a week or so after the rash disappeared because I had seen an article in the newspaper about Lyme disease with a picture of the bullseye rash. I recognized it as having had been on my foot. The test the Dr. did gave a negative result and she said that was the only test to be done.

    Since then, I slowly have gotten problems with some arthritis in my feet, now  in my knees, elbows, fingers and also neck.

    I have always gone to a gym, not only to keep "old age" away, but to stay nimble, ever since I was 30. Previous to this, I had always done work-outs at home for about 1hr. each day using weights and jump ropes.

    I have felt many times like I was on the verge of getting the flu, so I would take Echinacea and have always made sure I got enough rest and ate wholesome foods.

    I read an article online yesterday that popped up on one of the news sites about a man who had Lyme disease and didn't know it, but his Dr. had misdiagnosed his symptoms; he felt kind of foggy in the brain, sleepy, achy and had flu-like symptoms.

    All of that rang a bell in my head and the one thing that really got me thinking is that for 4 years now I have had ringing in my ears that is very loud sometimes, sounds like crickets and sometimes is like feedback from a stereo speaker.

    I also have felt for at least 10 years, like someone was tickling my brain lightly with a feather! (I don't notice things that bother me unless I'm bored, then aches and pains will make me wonder.) I wondered if that was what the man meant when he described a foggy brain?

    I also have been sleeping a lot and thought it was from the heat, but ordinarily I am a very active person. Sometimes I feel depressed from all the sleep, so I sleep until I don't feel  depressed anymore. Sometimes I feel so rung out like a dishrag that all I want to do is sleep.

    I'm not a coffee person, although I love the taste of it, but because of my natural energy, coffee is not a necessary thing for me, and I had IBS when I was around 30, so I have to be careful how much of it I drink. I will have coffee on days that I feel weak and lazy in order to motivate and wake up.

    I have also experienced forgetfulness so I write and read a lot. I just relocated from PA to LA last year and am already forgetting names of roads in PA that I used a lot. I'm wondering if this is normal?

    Since around 10 years ago, I noticed little rashes that I get, mostly on my legs, and several times I went to the Dr. or ER about them and was told they didn't know what they were. Is this a common episode of Lyme disease? I took pictures of the last time I had them because they didn't itch and were small and it concerned me that they didn't itch. The ER Dr. said he didn't know what they were.

    I do get ones that appear overnight; some itch, some don't, but they appear as a small open sore and I know I am not scratching a mosquito bite open while I sleep.

    I put vinegar on them and then Witch hazel and they go away after a few days.

    Another thing that happened was last year I had a bad sore in my right ear canal that hurt really bad and I kept cleaning it with vinegar. I know that when it started, it bothered me and hurt and I thought it was a small pimple and tried to pop it with my fingernail.

    I went to the ER after it got pussey; the ER Dr. took a bacteria test only on my insistence, but was reluctant to do it and questioned me as to why I needed a test? I said that I used to work for a retired physician and he always said to ask for a bacteria test on a skin flare up that seemed questionable. I also said that I have never had a pimple that hurt so much like this one did.

    He gave me a 5 day cycle of antibiotic, which did not make the sore go away.

    I was unable to get the results of the test in spite of calling and being told the results weren't in up to 2 wks later. I kept calling and got to speak to the "right" person, who actually cared, who told me I have to go in to the lab results office to get the results, so I did.

    I took them to an ear, nose and throat Dr. who told me I had MRSA! He showed me what the results said and then he used silver nitrate (?) to remove the puss from my right ear and was surprised that the ER lab had never called me or given me the results because they had them within 24 hours of my visit.

    He also asked how I could take the pain for so long and was surprised the infection was so localized: he said ordinarily it would have spread into my inner ear, etc.

    I am wondering if the start up of this sore was related to the other ones I get on my legs and very randomly on my arms, and if they are a side effect of Lyme disease, because my family grew up in the country and we are tough and no one has skin issues.

    Several months ago I got a small painful sore inside my nose and since it didn't go away within 2 days, I used some of the salve the ear, nose and throat Dr. gave me and it went away right away.

    I have also been bothered by heart palpitations and 2 years ago, in PA, I felt very sick on my way to work (have never felt like that before in my life) and decided to go to the ER and was very surprised to be told that I have high blood pressure! Me? I eat normal foods, do not allow stress to get to me and exercise a lot. People tell me I look 35 and I am 57. Is this a side effect of Lyme disease as well?

    I do not generally go to Drs. and do not plan to do that, because I just need to find a new gym to go to to keep healthy and in shape, as I have not worked out on equipment since I moved here. Besides, I follow Christ and pray for His healings all the time, so I am not worried, just wondering.

    Also, how do I go about getting the DNA test that I read about that will tell if a person does have Lyme disease?

    Thank you for your time.





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