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Thursday, December 18, 2008 redstone5650, Community Member, asks

Q: how long should it take for BP and heart rate to return to normal after exercise?

I walk at 3.5 MPH for 30 minutes and then take my blood pressure and heart rate immediately, at 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes while resting.  What criteria can I use to judge improvement?



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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
12/18/08 12:58pm

Hi Redstone5650,


Looks like you get two answers from me today:)


If your heart rate decreases 20 beats per minute (bpm) or more within 1 minute post exercise you are doing well. By 5 minutes post workout your heart rate should be down to 120 bpm or less.


Here's an example:


Your heart rate during the activity reaches 170 bpm. Within in 1 minute post exercise your heart rate should be down to 150 bpm or less. At 5 minutes post workout you should be 120 bpm or less.


If you are not at these levels, decrease the intensity of your workout and then gradually increase as your fitness level improves.


You can determine if you're fitness level is improving by monitoring how quickly you return to resting heart rate after a workout. To calculate, take your pulse immediately after you finish walking and write down the number. One minute later take your pulse and write it down. Subtract the second number from the first. The greater the number, the better your fitness level.


All the best,


Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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Don, Community Member
5/ 2/10 3:42pm

Hello to all!  Lisa could please give me a little insite HRR(heart rate recovery). It appears ALL THE FOCUS ON HRR is based on

A: a pulse within 80-100% of your MAX HR

B: rest 1 MINUTE after reaching the 80-100% MAX HR




My question is  am a 36yo male who is in average shape.. When I do CARDIO fro 30 mins and I check my HRR all is well(I get it to 160HR for 20-30secs, then LOW down to a lite walk and my HR goes to 125 within 1 mins and is UNDER 120 within 3 mins.. So guess i am okay there , BUT WITH ABIG BUT my HR NEVER

returns to NORMAL RESTING for HOURS.. My HR will stay between 85-95 for HOURS after exercise or heavy yard work.. My cardio sai my HEART is structually fine(did a echo, ekgs, etc a few months ago)  He said I am one of the poeple who has autonomic issues(i do get PANIC attacks evey few months). He wants me to try lexapro, but I just dont want to get into MEDS unless i have no choice.. If u can give me your opinion i would be greatly appricated



dax0007 at hotmail

Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
5/ 3/10 3:59pm

Hi Don,


Since I don't know your full medical history I don't feel comfortable giving you a direct answer to your question. Normal resting heart rate levels vary and when levels are above 95 beats per minute there's potential for tachycardia (fast heart rate) concerns.


Check out this post:


Ask the Expert: What are Healthy Resting Heart Rates for Men and Women?


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Don, Community Member
5/ 3/10 10:10pm

Hello Lisa,  Thanks so much for even taking the time to respond.. I hope its not tomuch to ask to review my situation?  If u can comment that would be wonderful! .. Okay my situation:

I am a 36 yo white male, 5'11, 215lbs, in better than average shape.. Here are my facts:

1) grandfather had a stroke in his 70's(no one else with heart diease- my father

is 63 and mother is 62 (no issues)

2) I played college/high school football

3) I have done 2 STRESS TEST(ECHOS- non thalium)

4) ALL BLOOD WORK WAS GOOD to great (Cholestrol ratio was 3.30LDL-135little high, but HDL was 76-tri's 130 - homocysteine 8.5, c-reactive .3)



My short story:o).. I gt married at 30 and stop working out and etc.. The sometime around 32 I "guess" stress got to me??, but i did not feel right -i felt like my mind was spinning, shortness of breath,  chest tightess,rapid heart rate etc. Went to the ER and they ran all the normal stuff(xrays, blood cpk, ekgs) all was perfect except my HR while they were doing the EKG was 105hr.. They released me as a panic attack.


Oh well life went on i was told stop stimulants and etc.. So then i went on a health food kick( i have never been overweight, but i am stocky, semi musclar build from sports)..  I started t do lite jogs.. then one day after a 3 mile jog I started to "hyperventalate" IT WAS HORRIBLE!  well i was 33yo at this time.. I was able to catch my breath, but i felt horrible for hrs and hrs.. HR was around 100 , shoulders felt weak, body felt cold, just run down.. SO WENT TO THE ER AGAIN.. ALL THE NORMAL TEST WERE FIND, BUT BLOOD PESSURE LITTLE HIGH IN THE ER 150/100, ABOUT 1 HR IN THE ER MY BLOOD PRESSURE DROPPED (NATURALLY TO 130/80).. HEART RATE IN ER WAS 110, THEN DROPED TO 90'S.



WELL CARDIO DOC AND reg doc wanted me to take anti anexity meds(which i tried xanax), but i just did not want to get on something everyday( i hear good and bad things) I ended up getting a phobia about pushing my self durig cardio cause i am scared to hypeventalate... Well at 36yo-recently I had another "hyperventaling" after cardio (ITS ALWAYS WHEN I AM SLOWING DOWN ON MY CARDIO- like i am getting a PAPILATION that throws me into this mode).. Well i stayed calm and caught my breath.. I have since run a bunch of TEST with my CARDIO and he said its your anexity..  My main syptoms are DAILY STUFF like:

1) shortness of breath(NOT REAL BAD) doing normal stuff, but I can still do medium intensity cardio with out ay issues(the hyperventalation is RARE as u can tell only twice in 5 years)

2) weakness in body for no reason



Anyways this is what brings me to my HEART RATE question...  You see I figure since I have all the problems above , but my DOCTORS say I am fine I figure i would try to get in the best shape possible..  So I decided to start with my HEART RATE.. 

IF I DO ANYTHING OF CARDIO INTENSITY OR HEAVY YARD WORK - my normal pulse with is usually 75(when i wake up its low 60's) MY PULSE WILL RAISE as normal- EVEN IF I DO A HEART RATE RECOVER TEST and get my HR to 160, then "rest a minute" my HR WILL EASILY DROP to 130, then it will be under 120 within the 2-3rd minute, BUT MY HR WILL STAY IN THE 90's for hours(it will drop to the 80s if i lay down)-- It will not get backto the 70' for HOURS and HOURS.. I also feel little AMPED UP or high strung.. My cardio doc says my autonomic system is off and I will have to learn to deal with it or take BETABLOCKERSor LEXAPRO.. I have only been doing cardio for 6 weeks steady so maybe i am just out of shape..   I just dont want to have any isses and NOT KNOW ABOUT THEM.. I do have a FEELING OF SKIPPED HEART BEAT SOMETIMES, but not often ,maybe once  amonth.. CARDIO said dont worry about it..


Sorry for the long email, but even a little input would be nice "if u made it this far"!!




mike, Community Member
5/13/10 2:57am

I had a very similiar experiece to Don.   I think it all boils down to being out of shape and your body trying to adjust to your new level of activity.  I'd say listen to your body and back off when you don't feel right but keep at it.....for over time the body will adjust and these symptoms will vanish.

Don, Community Member
6/ 8/10 7:38pm

Thanks Mike for the responce.. I must agree I am not the same man i was a few years ago.. I remember when i was in my 20's and I would stop working out I could just start running HARD in the sun for a few weeks and be back to normal, now if i did that I would just be a mess... I will try to be consisitent and get back to a descent level..


take care


Rhonda, Community Member
6/ 8/10 4:47pm


I sometimes get that when I exercise and I found out that I have a thyroid problem. I would suggest getting your thyroid tested. If you have even borderline hyperthyroid that can cause anxiety and heart rate issues. The thyroid is the master gland that sets the tone for the other glands. It controls temp, heart rate, hormones etc.


As far as getting in shape, just remember not to overdo it - even the pros know their limits and take a day off. Hydrate well because dehydration can cause heart rate and those other feelings that you mentioned.


I am not sure where you are working out but a serious allergy can also cause those symptoms. I was actually hospitallized because they thought that I was having a heart attack and it turned out to be a severe pollen, grass, and mold allergy which I had never had before. My bp was up, heart rate, breathing etc. without any of the regular symtoms (nasal etc.) 


Anxiety and physical problems are a cyclic chain reaction. You said that you were worried about hyperventilating when you exercise so then that can lead to a fear of overdoing it and if you notice something even mildly physical you can start thinking "oh no, it is happening again!" which then triggers anxiety and so on.

I commend you on seeking help. I agree about the medications. They may cause more problems (heart rate etc.) I have found that there are many safer ways to fix anxiety. Biofeed back or neuro therapy is a very good way. Doing meditation in the am and pm sets a natural calmness to your body's rythm. Using these 2 techniques you can actually learn to instntly stop anxiety and lower your heart rate and breathing with just your mind.

I speak from the experience of being someone who has suffered a tremendous amount of anxiety. Anxiety that is not from the side effects of medication or some other organic cause is usually based on feeling a loss of control in your life (real or perceived). It could be anything from a boss treating you badly but you feel that you can't leave the job, being inadequate in some aspect of your life, a relationship that is troubled, not feeling like you are where you want to be at this point in your life, and being a perfectionist.

Talking to someone in therapy could help to get to the root of the problem. I suggest someone who does hypnotherapy or a type of therapist who uses the body as much as the mind to get to the source of the problem.

I hope that this helped,


Don, Community Member
6/ 8/10 7:36pm

Rhonda , Thanks for taking the time to respond!! WOW u hit the nail on the head when answering my quetion... I could ever explain it like u did, but wow u nail it..


I will definately look into the therpys u brought up..   I think the root cause is something is just messing with my autonomic system.. Because when I wake up feeling a certain way..I am cool and calm, which turns out to a normal cardio session,.. But it i wakeup in the am or something triggers something i am somewhat of a mess and feel like crap on exercertion..


Thanks so much for your info!!

DR John, Community Member
6/14/11 7:05pm

You should talk to your cardio doc about having a echo done to check your valves it sounds like a valve maybe leaking or clogging up a little bit. This would be a step in the right direction especially with a history of sports.


Don, Community Member
6/14/11 8:07pm

Hey Dr.John, Thanks for the reply.. I did have a ECHO when they did my stress test. Atleast i think i did.. They MADE me do a threadmill stress test, then after aboout 13-15mins when my heart rate got HIGH enough they made me LAY DOWN ON THE TABLE and used a ultrasound machine(they had a EKG hooked up to me during this whole session) Do u think that was sufficent?  HE said my valves look good.. I guess my question is i did the stress test along with EKG before and after and RIGHT AFTER they termiated the STRESS test the Doctor made me lay down QUICKLY do my HEART RATE WAS high enough to do a ultrasound..  Does that sound right?


Mr poland, Community Member
5/21/12 6:37pm
Hi Don! I have also the same symptoms and my doctors also tell me ut is panic attacks. I am a professional athlete(28yrs) and in great shape, also in the team tests. I started to experience these symptoms this year 30min after an exercise, got dizzy, wanted to catch my breath outside, legs started shaking. Been tested(ekg at stress, ultrasound, longtime 2 days ekg) by two cardio doctors and they said i can continue as an athlete, the other one said lets test you again after 2 years and the other one suggested the sports recomendstion once a year. I have little blowing soudn in one of my valves. And had it since i was born. It was earlier found (3years ago) in a heart test that was done as new routine to hockey players. But it hade not changed to worse since 2 years ago. And the doctors said it is very common to get fear after these kind of symptoms and as sterss of the kind of valve condition i was diagnosed means the work for me. Well now I still have betteand worse r days and sometimes get small attacks(nervsystem fires hot, high pulse etc) home alone, at the end of games, starting a phonecall, at nighttim. then I have often got tye same feeling you felt of something in my throat or like a shirt that is too tight. Waking at the middle of the night. But i am back playing the games, Something in my life his year that have been stressing me besides hard trainings. I have lived away from my wife in another country, had the hardest ever preseason, we also had a stressy situation regarding my wifes jobb and then I was benchd and was not the trainers first choise for my position, this is often hard for an athlete and his stats. When the doctors say to me that i can continue 100% and they have a responsibility and I should belive them. Sometimes I am tough scared and wonder what is wrong. I feel there is a huge psycological factor and my doctor also recomended me to try to face the stressy situations and get use to them..i am aperfectionist, or was and We have some "bipolar" anxiety and depression among my family. Done some meditation and it feels good so maybe i just should let the doctors follow me up and just say fuck it to my anxiety. Mr poland Reply
Don, Community Member
5/21/12 7:12pm

Hey Mr.Poland.. WOW you have described most of my life after I posted that post in 2010..  I am not a PHD but I can tell you our Medicine is not exact science and the body along with the autonomic system(misspelled) can cause all types of problems...   I have had a long 5 years with anexity, semi bi plorar which then cause issues with my training...  Of coarse i am older than you so I may be at a different level of issues..  I think its great you had the Doctors check you out and they do have a HIGH DEGREE of accuracy when detecting issues, but allot of Doctors wont begin to explain physciological issues and all they want to do is prescribed XANA or lexapro etc,etc.....


My issues of heart rate appear to cleared up..  I fought through the hard times but never PUSH IT.. I worked with what I got and never gave up.. However I did have a CLEARANCE to work out by my Doctor..  My Cardio who is like 70 and he said when someone has something serious especially a man who can feel it the majority of the time.. Stress test are far from accurate though they do have a good place..  Anyways feel fre to email me anytime. Don dax0007AThotmailDOTcom

Healthy Janet, Community Member
8/24/12 2:10pm

My daughter thought she was having panic attacks, but her naturopath thought it sounded like a case of inadequate magnesium. She took magnesium glycinate, and the problem resolved. I read that many people are low in magnesium. Maybe you should ask your doctor to check your magnesium level.

SHANK, Community Member
10/ 1/12 5:38pm

Sounds you have OCD. Ever hear of the law of attraction? You get what you think about whether you like it or not. Re read your posting and think about this. The best advice I can give you

publicly visible nam, Community Member
3/10/13 5:16am


Your a hypercondriac and your having panic attacks. After light exercise it takes about an hour to return to resting heart rate and as much as 24 hours after intense exercise, that is normal for a fit person. Nothing you describe is abnormal, listen to your doctors.

gianca1216, Community Member
12/ 4/10 6:15pm

I have the same issue. After a vigorous session at the gym, it takes my heart almost 1 hour to return to normal. My resting BPM is 58 to 65. I also suffer from the ocassional anxiety and panic attacks.

axslinger, Community Member
1/21/13 7:33pm



I am similar. I'm 52 and had single bypass surgery 3 years ago. Some doctors would probably say that I over-do it but I do 60 minutes of cardio with an average of 140 bpm for that hour with a short burst up to 150. For instance, right now it's 87 and I finished my workout 2 hours ago.

louie, Community Member
4/13/11 2:45am

i get sudden spells where my heart rate drops in the 49bpm and then i exercise alittle i goes up to 90 for olny a second or two and goes right back down i dont no why it is very scary feeling im only 30 years old not very autletic my md said im fine and my cardio but i dont feel fine any helpful answers

Rhonda, Community Member
7/14/10 4:27pm

You are welcome!

If I can help out let me know. There is a technique called "pituitary pump" that can be done by a cranio sacral expert. Usually they are chiropractors with extra training. It is the easiest and quickest way that I have found to get things regulated in the body.

I have seen men with very high blood pressure situations go to see someone who can do this instead of even going to the doctor or ER and a few minutes later they were back to normal bp and hr. I would not believe it if I hadn't seen it over and over.

good luck!

arnie, Community Member
8/22/12 5:57am

Hi Don

I have bn reading your postings with interest. My name is Adrian and I am 49 yo from Sydney Australia. I have always bn pretty fit and active. Still playing high grade soccer 2 years ago with 20 & 30 year olds and keeping up.

20 yrs ago I had, what docs said, was a short end of a nervous breakdown. Birth of 1st child, death of 3 friends with brain hemerages, 5.5 earthquake and weirdly enough just before all this i had decided that my 18hrs/day 6 days/week project management stressful job was going to make me rich but prob dead by 40's so my children would have lots of money but no dad, so started healthy less stress life change, started jogging, riding bike to work, eating slower and healthier foods... it was during this phase that i developed chest pains and unwellness, ended up repeatedly in ER only to be repeatedly told everything normal just panic attack. Was seeing up to 5 Dr's every second day as i didnt believe, or just in case they missed something... had ECG's, stress tests (amusing conclusion - everything normal... I made supersupreme fitness level BUT reprt stated this was thro 'shear guts' because my recovery rate did not support this ie my HR and BP did not return in accordance with this level), colonoscopy, blood tests, STD tests, allegy test. They had me on Anaphranal anti depressent and 3 different Mazerpans trapuatizers (which in the end one Dr who reviewed me asked if i was sleeping all day... I replied No as i was still working and driving upto 250 klms/day... to which he was shocked... said what i was on would knock out a horse lol) Because of this I flushed all meds down toilet and went cold turkey.. 4 weeks of feeling like i was on a boat going up & down & side to side (not nice... but it appears that when you are young you can tolerate these withdrawal sideffects better). I was on meds for a total of about only 6 weeks. Now that i look back i think that they did help to calm me down and probably allowed my autonomic nervous system to recuperate, being young helped here as well i believe, less life stresses and self inflicted financial stresses as well... when u r young u dont seem to need as much, or as scared to lose what little u have because u have a life time in front of u.It seems the older u get the more u allow the fears of time running out, and not wanting to go backwards to get to u.

Over the next 20 years had the occassional bout of anxiety with very mild panic

Then 2 years ago I had what seen to me as emotional wall blocking me in all directions. My 3 young adult children turned against me (not talking or seeing me for about 3 years... final straw was my middle son finally being convinsed to turn away from me by ex May 2011)

In 2008 Gastro specialist put me on Nexium after i had a few incidents of feeling that food got stuck in my throat, did a Gastropy and said that I had Battets which he told me as pre curser to stomach cancer... so i took the PPI meds. In 2010 started having some strange symptoms which started with small amounts of blood in my mouth spit (which many many Dr's todate still cant figure why... each had their own thery, teeth, throat, sinuses, ears ect... it would happen out of the blue sometimes stressed but sometimes not???) I then later on developed a rash that started on my hip, It looked for all money to be ringworm but after a few weeks not only did it grow slightly larger it started to spreda over my L & R sides of my trunk then my legs then upper chest. I went back to see the Gastro specialist who said he thort it might be a toxic build up reaction to the Nexium (PPI... it a good idea if everyone researches these meds before they use them as i now am convinced from my experience and the multitude of others who blog about their reactions, that they are dangerous and not tested enough for long term effects...) The Gastro guy then changed me to Pariot PPI and did another Gastropy and said that the Barretts was still there but had not changed (displacia is what they dont want it to turn into.. suposable 5% turn to Displacia then an unlucky 5% of this 5% turns into stomach cancer). So I took the new med.. but blood in mouth was still happening and was causing my anxiety to rise (the medical world want to convince me it was my anxiety that caused the blood?) It is now May 2011 and my son is turned away from me and that did psychologically send me into a spin, my niece was killed at 18 yo in a horse accident and my father 88 yo diagnosed with age onset leukimia and a weakening heart (swollen ankles). So yes i had plenty of stress but I believe to this day that the PPI meds were amplifying my stress and anxiety. Between Sept to Dec I was having chest pains/irritations with pains just below my L side sternum area, it was effecting my bowel movements (constipated) I regularly had bouts of dizziness, nausea and racing heart after blood in mouth, I felt at time i was almost going to halusimate. I ended up just after Xmas surcoming to my anxiety/panic and went twice to ER where they checked me out and sent me home telling me i was havin panic attack with GERD. At this stage for the previous 3 weeks i was finding myself obscessing with my heart rate (taking my pulse every 5 to 10 mins - then lying down fearing i was going to hurt my heart or have a heart attack) and using an auto BP machine to take my BP (which seemed to vary so much... this scared me as well... was I going to stroke out) As u can see i was a total mess. Had high level Psych analysis done which concluded that i suffered rare pure anxiety... not OCD, not Bi Polar or any other condition. Also around this period I had Stress test, Echo Stress test,  24 hr ECG holter, carotid artery echo and 5 day event monitor... normal except that my heart would go from 42 bpm (while asleep) str8 to 136 bpm several time during my sleep and occasional during the day. Because my heart drops below 60 at time and above 90 at time these eposodes r registered as Brachycardia and Tachycardia but Cardiologist said that this was my anxiety and not to worry... which is hard when u r in an anxious state most of the time. On new years eve after spending hrs in ER i stopped taking Pariot PPI and instantly my symptoms seemed to almost dissappear. I still had some symptoms but i was able to get control of my mind (not halusinate... i since have discovered that earlier forms of PPI meds were know to cause halusination effects)

2012 and i decide to make a life style change and went to work in a small country town... in the belief that it would be quiet and relaxing slower lifestyle... all good to regroup frome anxiety. BUT boy was that a mistake... i landed in the middle of a feud that had been going on for many years and unkowning to me took the position of the ringleader son. I was bullied and harreassed for 6 weeks solid until i cracked and had my second breakdown in my life ended up in hospital 3 days and local Dr put me on PROZAC & Valium both of which worked well initially but after about 5 weeks i now realised i suffed side effects and increased anxiety/panic (both of which when u research SSRI meds r major side effects... and sadly also the withdrawal symptons which hit about weeks 7 to 12... and Dr's then want u to go back on as they say it is reoccurrance of disorder... CAT chasing its TAIL???

It is now Aug 12 and I had not really exercised for the last 18 months or so and am trying to get back into it.. while dealing with the neurological habit/belief that there is/was something wrong with my heart. It hard going, the psychological aspect is so exhausting... constant logical convincing the illogical.

I have got to power walking 1 hr each day keeping 65% to 85% MHR during this walking, Have taken my HR to 175bpm on 18/8/12 (1 min HRR 105bpm, 2 min HRR 100bpm), 155 bpm on 20/8/12 (1 min HRR 110bpm, 2 min HRR 105, and 168bpm on 21/8/12 (1 min HRR 120bpm, 2 min HRR 115bpm) ... I am not sure why my 1st two responded better than my 3rd one (which i know is still ok) But today 22/8/12 I walked again after i had my 1st deep tissue trigger point massage and i did not feel so well... 4 to 6 hrs later i still have a heart rate between 90 to 110bpm and it is worrying me. It now stresses me that everyone just puts it off to anxiety and im not sure if it can all be put to that. During this raised HR i took my BP 5 times over 3 hrs... 5 hrs after exercise 124/71 with 106bpm, 10 mins later 125/72 with 100 bpm, 6 hrs after exercise 132/72 with 85bpm, 5 mins later 128/74 with 87bpm, then 7 hrs after exercise 137/79 with 80 (also shivering & little nausea???)

Does anyone have any sugestions/comments please : )

Ryan M, Community Member
1/21/13 2:07pm

Hello Arnie,


Everything you have described I have been going through. I had my first attack at university and literally thought I was dying. I went to ER and had a chest X-ray, EKG and blood tests which fortunately all came back to be fine. I was shivering like mad, sweating, felt dizzy and had a tight chest.


I have seen numerous doctors now who relate it to anxiety. I just wanted to share this post to show that you are not alone and others have the same problems. I think my anxiety is triggered by worrying about my hear (like yourself). Maybe we should just accept what we all have and enjoy the short amount of time we have rather than wasting it worrying.



Don, Community Member
1/28/13 5:32pm

Hello Arnie!

WOW.. Is all i can say! Your symtoms have summed up allot of my life..

I am sorry to hear about your personal family isuses and etc..  Losing love ones or love ones that have sickness make anexity like eating cake.. 


Your symtoms that you described from the time-line of exercise, heartrate, to anexity, to GERB just follows the same path of mine.. Icould never describe it like that.. You hit me picture perfect.. I responded to these thread i think in May 2010 and since then its been a roller coaster..


feel free to contact-me at dax0007AT  HOTMAIL--------------if u like to chat more..  


Its 1/2013 i still work out but i am cautious cause if i push myself to hard with the cardio i feel like hell.. Like my CARDIO doc stated "Hey you are NOT out of breath after doing heavy cardio so thats a good sign" Yes but i get HR PAPS and my recovey of HR is slow back to resting. However my HR recovery within  the first minute drops to 35-45 beats in the first minute which is great! HOWEVER if i am have any anexity then all beats are off..


I went through the WHOLE GERD thing as well in 2011.. it was miserable.. bunch of test.. etc.. I hope u are doing better!! 

Don, Community Member
1/28/13 6:10pm



great artical

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