• johnny johnny
    April 13, 2009
    I have been taking 200 mgs of adderall a day for the past 4 weeks. Am i going to die?
    johnny johnny
    April 13, 2009

    5'9" 165 lbs 23 yr. old male, i sleep about 4 hours per night if i go to sleep at all. I am in good physical condition, I am a collegiate athlete.  Muscular and very defined.  I have alot of daily stress. I take ginko bolba daily and roughly 1000 mg of aspirin per day as well.  I drink tons of water and eat a good amount throughout the day. I also have sports induced asthma.  I chew a can of skoal per day and smoke atleast a joint of marijuana a day.  I take about 400mg of caffeine pills per day. I also take b-12 and a multi-vitamin.


    I have been taking adderall for about 3 months now and I started at 20mg per day and kept upping the dose every couple of weeks. I have an usually high tolerance to stimulants.  I have a mild case of add and can get by without the adderall but I figured it could help.  Now I'm taking it out of control about 10-12 20mg pills per day, thats atleast 200mg everyday.  I also take 20 mg of lexapro daily as well.  The past couple of weeks I have started to become winded much quicker however after a few seconds I catch my breath and I'm good to go, I just don't have any indurance anymore.  When I exercise my pulse goes through the roof.  My resting pulse is about 95 beats per min.  I am worried that if I keep this up I will hurt my body but if I stop I won't even be able to focus on school or my season, playoffs 2 weeks away.


    Help...What do I do?



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