• jackliu239 jackliu239
    March 31, 2012
    Why does my chest feel heavy when I lie down or sleep?
    jackliu239 jackliu239
    March 31, 2012
    I feel my chest became very heavy when I lie down to sleep. This has only happen to me for the past few weeks and it is getting worse, when I am standing up or sitting down during the day sometimes I feel I am short of breath even when I am not physically moving whatsoever, but that feeling is manageable and it does not last very long. But the real problem is when I lie down on my back I would feel there is a 100lb of sack being push against my chest and I feel hard to breath and my heart beats goes faster as well. But when I try to lie down with my chest down and my back up I feel a little bit better but the feeling still persists but they are a lot better. Because of this I have been awoken more than a few times during my sleep due to short of breath or feeling of my chest being pressed. I am a 27 year old male, and I work out of a office that mean I don't get a lot of exercise. I am not overweight and I don't eat a lot of unhealthy foods. I personally suspect it has to do with 2 things, 1: my lack of exercise due to my work environments. 2: mental pressure from work and personal life. This is just my own personally diagnoses. But I would like to hear the opinion from other people if that is possible. Thank you Jack READ MORE



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