• mh mh
    February 01, 2010
    Aching teeth and jaw?
    mh mh
    February 01, 2010

    My teeth/jaw throb at times and have a constant pain.  I don't have an isolated tooth that hurts, but it is both the top and bottom of my jaw area.  My GP just put me on an antibiotic for possible sinus infection because I had other symptoms in my ears/sinuses.  I had a heart attack (NSTEMI) last July and I wonder after reading some articles if this could be related to my heart.  I've been taking two beta blockers since my heart attack.  A few days ago, I had pain in my diaphragm area, but it didn't last very long.  I'm not sure if I need a dentist or should go back to a cardiac doctor.  I just moved a few months ago, but I didn't get copies of my records. What do you think?




  • Kristine85 March 11, 2012
    March 11, 2012



    I have had severe pain in my bottom and top teeth and it feels as if it's in it's each tooth and may run up my right side. This is a constant pain in my teeth and mine is in the roof of my mouth as well. I have seen a dentist and oral surgeon after my Family Practictioner treated me for sinus problems and then allergies finally I thought this isn't working and sought the dentist my self only to find that I was diagnosised with a disease called Terminigal Nuerolgia a very painful and forever disease. If you have this please seek help and try to get answers as it's not going to get better and it's very rare most doctors don't know much about it. I am having gamma knife surgery done after finally getting the oral surgeon to refer me, bless him.  I hope it is something else.



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