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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 luz, Community Member, asks

Q: my blood sugar is 118 what should i eat to keep my sugar down

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
12/14/08 12:01pm

Hi Luz,


Want to add one more tip.  Balance your carbohydrates and simple sugars with protein.  By this I mean crackers, fruit, bread, juice, etc. with protein.  Protein slows the breakdown of carbohydrates promoting stable blood sugar levels.  Be sure to include a protein with all meals and snacks.  Examples:  Crackers with cheese, Toast with peanut butter, Yogurt with granola


All the best,


Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

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chuckfromlongisland, Community Member
12/11/08 7:40pm

First of all, your sugar is not that high, so relax. I think the standard for a diagnosis of diabetes is fasting blood sugar levels over 126, though this standard may have been lowered. If your fasting sugar is repeatedly around 115-120, you may be or becoming insulin resistant or prediabetic. This is especially true if you have excessive fat around your abdomen, high blood pressure and high chloresterol.


The best way to increase insulin sensitivity is through excercise, especially if you do have that abdominal fat. Any prolonged activity will help. Ideally, it should be done for about 40 minutes per day 5 or 6 days per week. Walking is an excellent example. You could also bike ride, use an elliptical machine, garden, whatever. I have found that strenuous aerobic activity (elliptical machine, swimming) lowers my sugar drastically, while other activity such as weight lifting, raking leaves, cutting the grass and then raking and sweeping up the clippings helps too but must be done for longer than the 35-40 minutes that swimming or the elliptical take. Again, walking is great and almost everyone can do it. For maximum benefit walking fast and swing your arms.


If you cannot do any type of excercise for some reason, there are at least three things that you can "eat" that will help. Number one is cinnamon, but you need about a teaspoon of cinammon per day. Number two is CLA. I'mnot sure of the exact spelling of the whole name, but it's something like congolieac acid. It is available in capsules at Vitamin Shoppe. Number three, which is also used in weight loss, is an herb from India, again, don't count on me spelling the whole name out but it's two words and the initials are G.S. Gym...something something something. Again, you can research it on line, but it on line, buy it at Vitamin Shoppe or maybe GNC or some other health food/suplement type store.


By the way, the CLA can cause some stomach upset. Nothing major, just like a little indigestion.


If I were you I would concentrate on improving insulin sensitivity through excercise and weight loss, if applicable. Then I would add the cinnamon.


Good luck avoiding diabetes. I've had it myself for ten years.


BTW-You didn't ask what you SHOULDN'T eat. That may be a better question. If you can cut carbs, white bread, cookies, cake etc. especially pizza and bagels, this may be all you need to drop your readings. This is especially true if you eat cookies and milk or something like that after dinner, or eat large dinners with pasta and bread and then read or watch TV. A walk after dinner is great for lowering the sugar.

chuckfromlongisland, Community Member
12/11/08 7:44pm

PS- I forgot to mention chromium picolinate. Another supplement. I think it's a mineral. It works pretty well, but again, there can be some stomach upset. The EPA fish oil Omega capsules may help too.

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