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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 FruitLoop21, Community Member, asks

Q: If my heart rate is between 120-146 resting and 190-210 excersising is there something wrong?

I have also been experiencing headaches, occassionally my left arm starts tingling, and my neck hurts while excersising. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just want to know if I should see a doctor about this.

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Martin Cane, M.D., Health Pro
10/14/08 8:04pm



Thanks for your question.  Normal heart at rest should be 60 - 100 beats per minute.  Target heart rate during exercise depend on your age and weight.  Both your resting and exercised heart rates are too high. 


Your other symptoms are non-specific and any possible diagnosis at this point would just be a guess.


You should make an appointment with your physician as soon as possible for an evaluation.  He will ask several questions, perform a physical examination as well as a cardiogram.  He may also request blood work or other diagnostic tests.  In the mean-time, I would not exercise or perform any strenuous activity until seen by your doctor.


Best wishes.


Martin Cane, M.D.



Janet, Community Member
10/23/08 2:26pm

When you check your pulse to get the 120-146 resting heart rate, has it been at a time when you have been sitting down for at least 15 min. not doing anything, or maybe it's when you first wake up in the morning, as long as it's not to a screaming baby or a blairing alarm clock - you are completely in a rested state, right?  If not, try doing that to make sure you get a true resting number - better yet, take you pulse 3 times during a wk (it doesn't have to be the same time of day, just as long as you feel you're resting) and average those 3 numbers you get, and the number you come up with will be your true resting heart rate.  From this number, you will now be able to determine how high (or low) of a range you should be working in for cardio exercise; it's called a Target Zone.  Working below that target zone doesn't do much for your

heart and working above the target zone, in some cases, if one has heart problems, that is where/when they will occur.  Also, pay attention to what your body is telling you....and listen to it.  You know what you feel like better than anyone else does, even the dr, so keep insisting if you think there is something wrong.  Good Luck, Janet


Frank Natal sr, Community Member
11/27/08 11:21am

I have stable angina is there a cure for this problem?


Thanks Frank

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