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Friday, December 04, 2009 Painful cold chill in left arm & fingers, Community Member, asks

Q: what causes the left arm, hand & three fingers to feel cold, numbness and pain

My girl friend is 47 years old and she is on a lot of medication including blood-pressure, nerve, pain meds, a mood stabilizer, calcium supplements (which she doesn't take)...and that's just to name a few. My biggest concern is that she is having severe pain in her left arm, hand and three fingers (pinky, ring, middle).The pain is also accompanied by a cold sensation. Is this a possible stroke?

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Mike Farris, Community Member
12/ 4/09 9:51am

Poor circulation caused by clogged arteries (and a warning sign for stroke) is mostly likely the reason for the numbness, cold feeling, and pain. Heart disease is not just a male problem... it's the #1 killer of women, and the #1 cause of early disability. At age 47 your girl friend needs to make some changes. Here's a website that gives very helpful information about solving the condition you describe.


Amy Tudor, Editor
7/25/14 8:34am

Hi there -


Did your girlfriend ever find out what was wrong with her arm and if it was related to her medications? If so, perhaps you could return here and tell us what she was diagnosed with and what treatments were prescribed.  It might be helpful to someone else in the community who is experiencing the same things. It sounds to me like she has a pinched nerve somewhere in her shoulder or neck that is causing the issues, but I'm not a healthcare professional and can't diagnose her symptoms.


Here is some information on nerve pain that might be helpful:


Nerve pain at a Glance

Neuralgia – An Overview

What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?


Be well!

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