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Thursday, September 24, 2009 Shirley, Community Member, asks

Q: Can the bypass veins collapse and need stents?

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
9/25/09 2:49pm

Hi Shirley,


It is possible for veins to become reblocked.  I recommend discussing your concerns with your physician.


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Little Bit, Community Member
10/30/09 11:26am

Yes, I had a quadruple bypass completed in Nov 2006.  Since that time I have had 2 of my bypasses in the left main artery collapse and two stents inserted.   I have a total of 6 stents.  From what I am being told it is rare that bypasses collapse, but my arteries are very small.  My Doctor told me that arteries are very sensitive and do not like being handled. Due to the sensitively of being touched and moved (in my case) from my arm to my heart they collapsed.  They tried to use the artery in my leg but after removing it the Dr. did not the look of it and therefore did not use it.

I also have a problem in that my arteries continue to re-block in a short period of time (6 months or so).   I am in the process of getting Blood Work completed called Berkeley Lab.  This test should give them more information about the genetics of my body and why I my arties continue to block.

BARJACK55, Community Member
10/14/12 10:31pm

Yes they can.  I had a triple bypass done in June 2010.  A month later I started having pain across my chest and shortness of breath.  I went to the ER and had a heart cath done and all my new bypasses had collapsed.  My cardiologist said the veins they removed from my leg was used to a stronger blood flow than my heart gave so they collapsed.  This is rare though.  I now have 6 stents.  The last 3 I got September 19, 2010  and have been fine.

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