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Friday, June 06, 2008 Susan, Community Member, asks

Q: I got angry and yelling then I got a little pain in my chest, so I calmed down. Heart attach?

One week later, I'm exercising and I felt pain in my chest again.  Is this a muscle strain or my heart having problems?  Now this is the next day and I have sort of a throb in my chest or heart.  It comes and goes.  Slight pain.  Is this heart problems?

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Dr. Thomas, Health Pro
6/26/08 2:50pm

Chest pain with physical exertion can be serious and you should see a physician soon—even if it means going to the emergency room. What you’re describing could be from a heart problem—particularly blocked arteries supplying the heart—and though there are other possibilities you should be evaluated quickly to avoid further complications if this is in fact related to your heart.

Dr. Blaivas, Health Pro
7/ 1/08 3:44pm

Chest pain can be caused by numerous problems, ranging from pulled muscles to life-threatening heart disease.  Symptoms of chest pain after exercise, especially if the exertion is relatively light and after stress are concerning for heart disease.  This is known as unstable angina and may be the warning sign of an impending heart attack.  Seek medical help as soon as possible

atul, Community Member
9/ 2/10 11:47pm

I have the same problem. I had severe pain in chest after I yelled and it continued for 24 hours. I got an ECG done and it was normal. It's been a month now. I still experience pain in chest if I breathe deeply or speak loud. What should be the next step to figure out the problem? Can a chest x-ray reveal anything? My doctor didn't really help after looking at the ECG report.

Tabasco, Community Member
2/ 4/11 12:01am

I have the same problem. my EKG is normal to, I even got a cath done and every thing was good. But why do I still have chest pain when yell or even walk on the treadmill at only 2.8.  when I get chest pains I get weak and my body gets hot. went to the ER and every time they say nothing is wrong with your heart.  Then what is wrong? Im 45 and I live with this problem for about 2 years now. NO answers.  But a lot of medical bills.

atul, Community Member
2/ 4/11 12:38am

I figured it out. I have problem with the muscles around the heart and chest area. So the tests may not catch the problem. A chest x-ray may reveal something. What I'm taking now is Homeopathy medicines and they are far more effective. I saw a heart and chest specialist and took a lot of meds but it didn't make any difference. Make sure you don't lift anything heavy or exercise with your arms. That will aggravate the problem. I'm getting better day by day and the pain has reduced by about 70%.

akshya, Community Member
4/13/12 10:27pm

Hi Atul,

I have the same problem.. whenever I yell or talk loud, I am having pain in my chest area and left shoulder.. My ECG seems to be normal... Can you suggest where did you go for Homeopathy treatment? I live in bay area.. Any suggestion would be helpful.



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