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Saturday, January 31, 2009 Robert L., Community Member, asks

Q: I had pain behind left shoulder blade, then numbness down left arm, but no dicomfort in chest

I have mild pain/discomfort all the time behind left shoulder blade.  A few days ago the pain was bad and then the discomfort radiated all the way down my left arm until the arm was numb.  Once again I did not have any noticible discomfort or pain in my chest.  What do you think might be causing this? I do have a history of frequent gastrointestinal and gas pains.

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Amy Tudor, Editor
7/26/14 12:28pm

Hi there, Robert -


I know this was quite some time ago, but I wondered if you ever discovered what was going on with your shoulder and arm? It sounds to me like some kind of nerve impingement in your shoulder or spine, but then I'm only a lay person and can't diagnose the issue. If you did find the cause, perhaps you can post it here so that other community members can see how your situtation turned out? It might be very helpful to someone else going through the same thing.


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Be well!

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