• tinkabell tinkabell
    February 08, 2010
    my father had a stroke a week ago, he is in a induced coma, how long will he be like his for?
    tinkabell tinkabell
    February 08, 2010

    my father had a massive stroke one week ago, the medical team have placed him in a medically induced coma. how long will he be expected to be in this coma and what signs do they look for to bring him round. He was on medication for high blood pressure prior to the stroke.What is the general time span of this type of coma before the medics decide nothing can be done?



  • MonicaRD
    Health Pro
    February 10, 2010
    Health Pro
    February 10, 2010

    Hi Tinkabell,


    I am sorry to hear about your father. The best people to ask your questions to are the physicians and nurses who care for him in the ICU.


    In my ICU experience, often people are put in medically induced comas if they have a breathing tube.  The medication and "coma" like state ensure that the patient does not become agitated and pull out the breathing tube (along with all of the other lines and tubes he probably has hooked to him).  His physicians will likely wait until his lab work and vital signs show that he may be able to breathe on his own.  At that point they will usually decrease the medication to wake him up a little and remove the tube.  The amount of time differs for each patient depending on their previous health issues and the amount of damage from the stroke.


    Best of luck to you and your father,

    Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN


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