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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 Worried Mom, Community Member, asks

Q: what is mild generalized left ventricular hypokinesia?

I had an Echo Doppler Panel done recently and the report Impression was Mild generalized left ventricular hypokinesia.  Ejection fraction estimated to be 50 percent.

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Neil MD, Health Pro
10/23/08 9:12pm

Hello worried mom,


Enchocardiography, or Echo for short, is a test that looks at how well your heart functions.  What is especially good about an Echo is that it gives you a dynamic (or real-time) view of the blood flow into, through, and then from your heart.


As you may know, your heart is made of two sides, right and left.  Each side is divided into two chambers, an atrium and ventricle.  The atrium receives blood and pumps it to the ventricle which then pumps blood out of the heart.  The right side receives blood from your body and then pumps it to your lungs, while your left side receives blood from your lungs and then pumps blood to your body.  So your left ventricle, then, is the hardest working part of your heart; think of the force need to pump blood to your ENTIRE body.


Back to your results, since we've got the left ventricle part out of the way.  Mild hypokinesia basically means that the muscle of your heart does not contract as much as most peoples' hearts do.  This may sound scary, but, do not be too worried because your ejection fraction, which measures the effectiveness of your heart contractions, is still in the normal range (normal is at least 50%).


So while you do have some deficits in your heart muscle's function, you are doing okay right now.  Hypokinesis can be the result of many diseases.  You, of course with the help of your doctors, should monitor the diseases known to contribute to heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, etc. 

To your health,

Neil MD




Jessie, Community Member
7/27/09 5:46pm

I am 59 years old, with CHF and heart contractions is 20%. I never smoked, drank, or used drugs. I do have diabetes, and hypertension. I have had two heart attacks. I would like to know what if anything can be done for my condition to improve my life?

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